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John W. Satterfield Elementary School

This is where much of the action of the novel takes place.

The Zinkoff Home

This has the cellar where Zinkoff tries to make himself go in the dark to rid himself of his fear of the Furnace Monster.

Willow Street

This is a few blocks from Zinkoff's house; it is where he goes to visit with people he met as a young boy one Sunday on a mock mail delivery run with his father.

Halftank Hill

This is where children sled in winter and bike or run in the warm months. Zinkoff goes there to feel free.


This is an upscale neighborhood to which Andrew Orwell moves with his family after his father gets a promotion at work.

Monroe Middle School

This is a big and impersonal school in Zinkoff's eyes when compared to the one he is used to.


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