Loser Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Donald Zinkoff - This character's central trait in his personality is his kindness, which also could be described as his ability to love.

Mr. Zinkoff - This character is a mailman and a good family man.

The Oh Mailman Lady - This character is an old woman who lives on Willow Street, and uses a walker.

The Waiting Man - This character appears only behind the window of his house throughout the book.

Mrs. Zinkoff - This character is a supportive mother of a disabled young boy.

Polly Zinkoff - This character is a baby throughout much of the book and her role is limited to acting as an alarm system.

Andrew Orwell - This character is a spoiled and selfish child who says his father is just waiting to get them out of the neighborhood.

Hector Binns - This character is obsessed with collecting his earwax...

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