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Chapter Abstracts

Chapters 1-3

• In the first chapter, the narrator uses second person narrative to address the reader.

• He talks about a boy that is never noticed very much until later in life. That boy's name is Zinkoff.

• When Zinkoff is able to leave his house alone for the first time, he is excited and has no fear like most children do.

• He runs as fast as he can and feels free and happy. He sees that if he keeps taking right turns, he can run forever.

• The narrator says that when boys get together, they will always compete in one way or another.

• Zinkoff never wins these competitions and never notices; neither do the other children, but the narrator says they soon will start noticing.

Chapters 4-6

• Zinkoff runs off to school on his first day without waiting for his mother. He is wearing a large giraffe hat.

• Miss...

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