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Short Answer Questions

1. In his room while writing letters for Jim, what does Marlow expect to hear when Jim steps out on the balcony?

2. Where does Jim learn his sailing skills?

3. What order does Jim receive from the captain when the captain stops fighting with the drunken man?

4. After hearing about the opportunity that Stein and Marlow have in mind for Jim, how does Jim get to Stein's house for his final instructions?

5. To whom does Marlow recommend Jim for employment?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Marlow shares the example of Jim's worst incident of simply getting up and fleeing because of his past, what does Marlow confide that Jim was most dismayed by?

2. Why is Tamb' Itam reluctant to carry out Jim's orders to pursue Brown?

3. After completing his training, Jim goes to sea and takes part in a number of voyages, yet he is still unsatisfied. Why?

4. Why are none of the passengers informed of the ship's accident?

5. Describe what Jim's incarceration was like before he made his escape.

6. What are the two options that Jim gives to Brown during their meeting?

7. While standing watch just before the captain and engineer begin yelling at each other, what is Jim thinking about?

8. Why does Jim not regret being left behind when the cutter of boys is launched to rescue the crew members of the stricken schooner?

9. Marlow receives two letters from the friend to whom he had recommended Jim. The second letter has a disconsolate feel. Why?

10. What is the court ruling that results from the inquiry?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author uses several different literary techniques as the story is told in regard to the story's flow. Describe the techniques of both flashbacks and foreshadowing. How are each of these techniques used in the story? Give specific examples of each technique. Why might the author have chosen to use both of these techniques in the story? Is the story enhanced by the use of these two techniques? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast how the relationship between Jim and Jewel changes as the story progresses. Be sure to include your assessment of the couple's relationship when the two first meet, when Jewel seeks reassurance from Marlow, when Jim "abandons" Jewel (and Jewel ends up at Stein's house with Tamb' Itam), and just before Jim is killed at the end of the story. What major theme in the novel is showcased through the development of their relationship? Explain and support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

There is no doubt that Jewel has been greatly affected by the horrors she experienced at the hands of Cornelius, as well as by her father's abandonment. Discuss how Jewel's past affects her relationship with Jim. How does Jewel's past affect her mental state, her ability to reason, her ability to trust, and her overall self-image?

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