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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can the Patna's captain and his fellow ship abandoners not free their lifeboat?
(a) A sliding bolt is jammed.
(b) They are not strong enough.
(c) A mooring line is caught.
(d) They panic and forget how to launch the lifeboat.

2. What order does Jim receive from the captain when the captain stops fighting with the drunken man?
(a) To not alert any of the passengers.
(b) To send an SOS.
(c) To stop the engines.
(d) To wake the first mate.

3. When Jim finally comes into the room from the balcony, what does Jim ask Marlow for?
(a) A job.
(b) A loan.
(c) A recommendation.
(d) A cigarette.

4. Where is Jim when the captain and the drunken man are fighting?
(a) In the mess area.
(b) On the ship's bridge.
(c) In the lookout perch.
(d) In the engine room.

5. How long does Jim reside in the place he chooses after leaving Doramin's place?
(a) Three weeks.
(b) Four weeks.
(c) Ten weeks.
(d) Six weeks.

6. Two men are looking for Jim in order to offer him a position to manage the island they are trying to establish. Where is the operation located?
(a) In the Walpole Reefs.
(b) Off of Cape Cod.
(c) Off of Cape Horn.
(d) In the Eastern Mediterranean.

7. After leaving Doramin's house, with whom does Jim take up lodging in Patusan?
(a) Marlow.
(b) Kassim.
(c) Cornelius.
(d) Rajah.

8. What does Jim contemplate doing while in the lifeboat, but does not do because he does not want to give the other three men in the lifeboat the satisfaction?
(a) Crying.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Committing suicide.
(d) Fighting.

9. After traveling throughout the land with a famous Dutch traveler, where does Stein eventually make his home?
(a) Athens.
(b) Morocco.
(c) Greece.
(d) Celebes.

10. How does Jim feel when he learns of the chance to relocate to the place that Stein and Marlow suggest?
(a) Crushed.
(b) Hopeful.
(c) Inspired.
(d) Disillusioned.

11. Once the survivors arrive in port, where does the captain immediately go?
(a) To the nearest bar.
(b) To the company's office.
(c) To the harbor office.
(d) To the post office.

12. Over breakfast, where do Stein and Marlow decide that Jim should go to live?
(a) Morocco.
(b) Athens.
(c) Patusan.
(d) Madrid.

13. How old is Stein when he takes part in the revolutionary movement of 1848?
(a) 36.
(b) 22.
(c) 15.
(d) 19.

14. Before he even realizes what he's doing, what does Jim do as it begins to rain?
(a) Jumps into the lifeboat.
(b) Yells at the captain.
(c) Incites a panic.
(d) Punches the engineer.

15. On board, Jim witnesses a drunken man verbally abusing the captain. Who is the drunkard?
(a) The chief mate.
(b) The first mate.
(c) The engineer.
(d) The navigator.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Doramin?

2. What is the name of the man Jim makes eye contact with during the inquiry trial?

3. How much time elapses between when the ship has its accident and when Jim finds himself at the official inquiry into the incident?

4. How many lifeboats are on the Patna before the incident under inquiry occurs?

5. Where does Jim learn his sailing skills?

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