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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the guards let the Aes Sedai leave the palace?
(a) They subdue the guards using the One Power.
(b) They kill the guards.
(c) They tell them that Rand teleported somewhere.
(d) They bribe the guards.

2. What does Coiren bring with her to the meeting with Rand?
(a) A captured Ash'aman.
(b) Many servants bearing chests.
(c) A male adam.
(d) Three different offers from Elaida.

3. Who is most suspicious that Rand is in trouble?
(a) Taim.
(b) Min.
(c) Mat.
(d) Perrin.

4. What is the Aes Sedai's response to the healing?
(a) Anger.
(b) Joy.
(c) Disbelief from most of them.
(d) Curiosity.

5. What does Nynaeve do as Elayne runs for Sheriam?
(a) Shields Logain.
(b) Tries to revive Bryne.
(c) Tries to revive Theodrin.
(d) Shields Mat.

6. Who arrives at Caemlyn to greet Rand and Perrin?
(a) Loial.
(b) Tam.
(c) Gareth Byrne.
(d) Mat.

7. Who does Nynaeve heal almost by accident?
(a) Theodrin.
(b) Logain.
(c) Mat.
(d) Bryne.

8. What do the Wise Ones finally allow Egwene to do?
(a) Wear her Aes Sedai ring.
(b) Leave for Two Rivers.
(c) Enter the Dream World.
(d) Leave for Andor.

9. What does Rand establish with the men Taim is training?
(a) A system of rank.
(b) A system of reporting to Rand.
(c) A way of gaining respect.
(d) A system of punishment for disobedience.

10. Why do Siuan and Leane pretend to disbelieve Nynaeve?
(a) They do not pretend to disbelieve her.
(b) So they won't seem to be buddies with her.
(c) So the other Aes Sedai don't believe her.
(d) So she will be angry.

11. How does Egwene travel through the Dream World?
(a) Through a Dream Portal.
(b) Through the Ways.
(c) Via a Dream Gateway.
(d) On a Dream Horse.

12. Why is Gareth Bryne's army marching north?
(a) To give themselves up to the White Tower.
(b) To assault the White Tower at Tar Valon.
(c) To rescue Queen Morgase.
(d) To assist Rand in taking Illian.

13. Who will teach Egwene the etiquette of her new position?
(a) Siuan.
(b) Elayne.
(c) Leane.
(d) Sheriam.

14. What does Min see in an aura about Perrin?
(a) That he must stay close to Rand.
(b) That he will have a son next year.
(c) That Faile is in danger.
(d) That Faile can channel.

15. Of whom does Min warn Rand?
(a) The Forsaken Lanfear.
(b) The Cairhien nobles.
(c) The Aes Sedai.
(d) Mazrim Taim.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Egwene beaten with a whip by the Wise Ones?

2. What does Siuan do to the Aes Sedai guarding Logain?

3. What does Min see about the Wise One named Melaine?

4. How long has Rand been gone in Chapter 53?

5. What does Rand force the Salidar Aes Sedai to do?

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