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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Min see in an aura about Perrin?
(a) That he must stay close to Rand.
(b) That he will have a son next year.
(c) That Faile can channel.
(d) That Faile is in danger.

2. Where do Nynaeve and Elayne decide to search for the weather bowl?
(a) Tanchico.
(b) Rahad.
(c) Falme.
(d) Hadra.

3. What is Egwene shocked at what the Aes Sedai tell her?
(a) Because she does not want to have two towers.
(b) Because she is only an Accepted.
(c) Because she intends to return to the Aiel.
(d) Because she has no political power.

4. Why is Gareth Bryne's army marching north?
(a) To rescue Queen Morgase.
(b) To assault the White Tower at Tar Valon.
(c) To assist Rand in taking Illian.
(d) To give themselves up to the White Tower.

5. Where does Rand find himself?
(a) In a basement shielded at all times by Aes Sedai.
(b) In the White Tower.
(c) On the way to Tar Valon.
(d) In the palace dungeon.

6. Why is Faile angry with Perrin?
(a) Because he refuses Rand's request to take a command position.
(b) Because he won't ask Rand for a command position.
(c) Because he is still so self-effacing.
(d) Because of Berelain's flirting with him.

7. Who greets Rand at the palace in Caemlyn?
(a) Min.
(b) Elayne.
(c) Aviendha.
(d) Egwene.

8. What do the Wise Ones finally allow Egwene to do?
(a) Leave for Andor.
(b) Wear her Aes Sedai ring.
(c) Leave for Two Rivers.
(d) Enter the Dream World.

9. What request by Elayne does Mat refuse every night?
(a) That he bathe.
(b) The he sleep in a different inn.
(c) That he remove his medallion for her to examine.
(d) That he not gamble.

10. What position does Egwene confer upon Sheriam?
(a) Keeper.
(b) Sitter.
(c) Right-hand.
(d) First seat.

11. Who arrives at Caemlyn to greet Rand and Perrin?
(a) Gareth Byrne.
(b) Tam.
(c) Loial.
(d) Mat.

12. What do the Aes Sedai tell Egwene as to why they summon her?
(a) She is to accompany Rand to Illian.
(b) She is to accompany Elayne to Ebar Dou.
(c) She is to be the next Amryrlin Seat.
(d) She is to be disciplined for staying with the Aiel.

13. Why do Siuan and Leane pretend to disbelieve Nynaeve?
(a) So she will be angry.
(b) They do not pretend to disbelieve her.
(c) So they won't seem to be buddies with her.
(d) So the other Aes Sedai don't believe her.

14. Who formally summons Egwene to Salidar via the Dream World?
(a) Min.
(b) Elayne.
(c) The Aes Sedai there.
(d) Nynaeve.

15. What do Nynaeve and Elayne want of Egwene?
(a) To send them to help Rand conquer Illian.
(b) To make them her special bodyguards.
(c) To send them to infiltrate the White Tower.
(d) To send them to Ebar Dou.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Nynaeve heal almost by accident?

2. What is disappointing to Min?

3. Who prepares the speech which Egwene gives to the people of Salidar?

4. What does Egwene refuse?

5. What does Rand establish with the men Taim is training?

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