Daily Lessons for Teaching Looking Backward: 2000-1887

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Objective: This lesson will explore the social divide described in Chapter 1 of the 19th century. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the social climate of this time.

1. Class Discussion: Engage the class in a discussion about the social climate in 1887. What classes make up the social divide? How does each class feel about the other? What are the concerns of each class? What role does each class in this society play? Can one change classes? If so how? If not why?

2. Writing Activity: Write a short essay exploring how the narrator feels about his station or class in 1887 society.

3. Group Activity: Divide the class into groups. Each groups will analyze the metaphor of the coach as it relates to the social classes in 1887. Groups will break each component of the metaphor down to include (1) top seats of the coach, (2) the driver of the coach, (3) the ropes...

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