Looking Backward: 2000-1887 Fun Activities

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The Sleeping Chamber

Students will draw a diagram of Julian's sleeping chamber. Students will discuss what they would include had it been their chamber.

Character Sketch

Students will choose one character and develop a character sketch.


The author uses many metaphors throughout the book. Review the various metaphors and what they mean. Students will then create their own metaphor for either 19th or 20th century life as depicted in this novel.

Time travel

Imagine you travel into the future 113 years. What do you what to know about their society? What do you think this time would be like?

Add a chapter

There is no concrete evidence as to what happens to Julian's home of how others in 1887 felt about their apparent loss. Students will write a short chapter to address this issue.

Create your own Society

Write a short story describing your idea of a utopian society...

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