Looking Backward: 2000-1887 Character Descriptions

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Edith Bartlett - This character is a fiancée in the nineteenth century and is from a wealthy family.

Mr. Barton - This character is a telephone preacher, with a lengthy sermon that includes a discourse on morality.

Doctor Leete - This person is the main character's main source of information about society in the year 2000.

Edith Leete - This character keeps information secret from the main character because she wants to win the main character's affection.

Mrs. Leete - This character makes only a few brief appearances, but has a major role in telling the main character about the connection to another character.

Doctor Pillsbury - This character is a mesmerist and professor of Animal Magnetism.

Sawyer - This character is a faithful servant, and it is assumed that this character perishes in the fire that destroys the main character's house.

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