Looking for Alaska Short Essay - Answer Key

John Green (author)
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1. What is the value in using a first-person narrative style in Looking for Alaska? Who is the narrator?

Miles is the narrator. The primary value of this perspective is that engages the reader thoroughly with Miles' story, and arguably quite personally, since virtually all of his experiences, it could be argued, have been experienced by the reader in one way or another. This perspective encourages the embracing of all experiences in life, whether celebratory or painful.

2. What kinds of quotations does Miles memorize regularly in the novel? Why is this significant to the story?

One aspect of Miles worth noting in this section is his interest in the last words of famous people, which is important for two reasons. It makes for an important plot point on several occasions, and also serves as a trigger for Miles's thematically relevant considerations about the nature of life and death.

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