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John Green (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through “After,” Part 2 (pages 157-173).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What French verb meaning "to believe" does Miles's French teacher conjugate in “eighty-four days before”?
(a) A croire.
(b) Scribet.
(c) Amore.
(d) Ribet.

2. What have the Weekday Warriors done to Alaska's dorm room in “seventy-six days before”?
(a) They have stolen Alaska's books.
(b) They have flooded it.
(c) They have doused the room with gasoline.
(d) They have littered the room with cigarette butts.

3. What is the question posed for the term paper that the students are to write for their World Religions class in “seventy-six days before”?
(a) What is the most important question human beings must answer?
(b) Which religion do associate with most closely and why?
(c) Compare and contrast Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity.
(d) What is the meaning of life?

4. Where does Miles recall Alaska saying the "good stuff" is in boiled crawfish in "twenty days after"?
(a) In the fins.
(b) In the claws.
(c) In the heads.
(d) In the tails.

5. Whose dorm room do Alaska and Miles sneak into in “fifty-one days before”?
(a) Kevin's.
(b) Lara's.
(c) Takumi's.
(d) Chip's.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name that Alaska has given to her car?

2. When Hank tells Alaska that marijuana is better for your health than cigarettes, she responds by telling him, "I may die young. But at least I'll die" what?

3. Who invites Alaska and Miles to have Thanksgiving dinner at his house in “forty-seven days before”?

4. What is the question that Alaska addressed in her term paper for World Religions?

5. The chapter "one hundred one days before" begins on the first morning of what month?

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