Objects & Places from Looking for Alaska

John Green (author)
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This location is where Miles and his family live.


This is the state where Miles attends boarding school.


This is the city where Miles's boarding school is located.

Culver Creek Preparatory School

This is the name of the boarding school that Miles attends in the novel.

The Great Perhaps

This is the term used by Miles to describe his reasons for going to boarding school to his parents. He is looking for something more than his "minor life," possibility and freedom.

The General in His Labyrinth

This book about Mexican revolutionary Simon Bolivar is centered on his (perhaps fictionalized) last words.


Both this term and concept originated in Ancient Greece in the myth of Theseus, whose survival is expressive of an archetypal experience embodied and/or manifested in all mazes.

The Smoking Hole

This semi-secret, semi-hidden grove by a river in the grounds of...

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