Daily Lessons for Teaching Looking for Alaska

John Green (author)
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Lesson 1 (from “Before,” Part 1 (pages 4-21))


Looking for Alaska is a young adult novel by John Green. The novel is split into two main parts, titled "Before" and "After." Each chapter within these sections denotes the number of days “before” and “after,” and the chapters are not capitalized. The first chapter of "Before" is titled “one hundred thirty-six days before,” and establishes the initial setting in Florida, as Miles Halter prepares to leave for boarding school. In this lesson, students will research author John Green, identify the novel’s genre, and analyze author's choices on the narrative’s structure.


Research Activity: Conduct research on author John Green. How many fictional works has Green written? What awards has the author earned for his writing? When was Looking for Alaska published? How has the novel fared both critically and publicly?

Group Assignment: Assign students to small groups of 3-4 each. As a group...

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