Looking for Alaska Fun Activities

John Green (author)
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Literary Allusion

Looking for Alaska is a novel that has many literary allusions throughout it. Read one of the novels or poems discussed in the narrative and complete a 1-2 page paper discussing the allusion's relevance to the themes, characters, and ideas presented in Looking for Alaska.

Dr. Hyde's Essay

In Miles's World Religions class, his instructor Dr. Hyde assigns a term paper in which the students must answer the following question: "What is the most important question human beings must answer?" Develop your own essay answering this question and discuss how the novel has helped your formulate your response.

Web Page

Create a web page which details the persons of the text. You may choose images of actors, real people, historical images, etc. in order to portray the novel’s characters, themes, and style.

Other Works

Read one of the author's other works and write a comparative...

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