Looking for Alaska Character Descriptions

John Green (author)
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Miles Halter

This character is the protagonist and narrator of Looking for Alaska. He is described as tall and slender to the point of being skinny, which is what makes the nickname "Pudge," given to him by his roommate, profoundly ironic.


This character is the protagonist's roommate at boarding school. He is, in many ways, a complete contrast to the protagonist. He is short and muscular, adventurous and daring, a planner and schemer, and, above all, commanding and determined (hence his nickname, The Colonel).


This character is a beautiful, vivacious, uninhibited, determined young woman whose outward shows of playfulness mask a profound lack of self-worth, an intense self-doubt.


This character is a Japanese student attending the boarding school with the protagonist. Like the protagonist, he is a follower rather than a leader.


This character in the novel is a Rumanian student at the boarding school...

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