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John Green (author)
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“Before,” Part 1 (pages 4-21)

• Looking for Alaska is a young adult novel by John Green.

• The novel is split into two main parts, titled "Before" and "After." Each chapter within these sections denotes the number of days “before” and “after,” and the chapters are not capitalized.

• The first chapter of "Before" is titled “one hundred thirty-six days before,” and introduces Miles Halter, the novel’s protagonist and narrator.

• Miles describes his mother's elaborate preparations for a going away party which is ultimately attended by only two people; Miles is preparing to leave Florida to attend the same boarding school his father attended in Birmingham, Alabama.

• The second chapter, “one hundred twenty-eight days before,” begins after Miles’s parents have dropped him off at Culver Creek Preparatory School.

• Miles meets his roommate Chip and comments in narration on how physically different he and Chip are (Chip is short and...

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