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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Oliver sell to Eliza?
(a) His burial plot
(b) The angel
(c) His interest in the roominghouse
(d) His shop

2. What does Oliver blame for Steve's problems?
(a) His own drinking
(b) Mountain blood
(c) Eliza's overprotection
(d) Tuberculosis

3. Oliver Gant became an apprentice in what trade?
(a) Watchmaker
(b) Brickmason
(c) Stonecutter
(d) Jeweler

4. Who do Eliza and Oliver partner with?
(a) Oliver's brother Steve Gant
(b) Eliza's brother Will Pentland
(c) Eliza's father Nathan Pentland
(d) Oliver's father Gilbert Gant

5. What happens to Eliza in 1900?
(a) She gets pregnant again
(b) Her brother Will dies
(c) Steve, her oldest child, dies
(d) She and Oliver's marriage collapses

6. Who dies of typhoid in this chapter?
(a) Grover
(b) Ben
(c) Oliver
(d) Helen

7. What sibling is Eugene especially close to?
(a) Steve
(b) Grover
(c) Ben
(d) Helen

8. What happens to Eugene's parents in this chapter (Part 1, Chapter 11)?
(a) They divorce
(b) They separate
(c) They have a major fight
(d) They move away for a short time

9. What else has Eugene memorized?
(a) Many French poems
(b) The peridoic table of chemicals
(c) Many English poems
(d) The Declaration of Independence

10. What event causes Eliza to go to run a boarding house?
(a) 1904 World's Fair
(b) 1904 World's Series
(c) The start of World War I
(d) The opening of the Empire State building

11. How does Jennings tell Eugene to collect on some accounts?
(a) Get Ben to help him
(b) Use his fists
(c) Take it in trade
(d) Use a gun

12. Where has Oliver been when Steve goes to get him?
(a) Working at his shop
(b) Working on a farm
(c) Visiting his family in Richmond
(d) Visiting a prostitute

13. Where does Eugene stay while his mother is away?
(a) At the Leonards
(b) At Helen's
(c) At his father's house
(d) At Dixieland

14. What is the name of Eliza's rooming house?
(a) Dixieland
(b) Tara
(c) Altamont
(d) Southland

15. What does Oliver threaten to do to Eliza?
(a) Send back to her family
(b) Kill her
(c) Have her arrested
(d) Leave her

Short Answer Questions

1. In this chapter where does Eugene's father take him?

2. What does Eugene win in this chapter?

3. What does Ben really want to do?

4. Who treats Gant for his illness?

5. In Part 2, Chapter 18 where does Steve live?

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