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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Guy Doak do for Eugene?
(a) Helps him learn his school work
(b) Helps him get his money
(c) Brings him extra food
(d) Helps him get a girl

2. How old is Eugene in chapter 22?
(a) 14
(b) 16
(c) 12
(d) 18

3. What happens to Eugene's parents in this chapter (Part 1, Chapter 11)?
(a) They have a major fight
(b) They move away for a short time
(c) They separate
(d) They divorce

4. What does Eugene win in this chapter?
(a) An essay contest
(b) A bet on a horse
(c) A poker game
(d) A baseball game

5. What is the name of the school that Eugene begins attending in this chapter?
(a) Altamont School for Boys
(b) Leonard Normal School
(c) Altamont Fitting School
(d) Dixieland High School

6. At home, how would you describe Oliver and the fires in the fireplace?
(a) He builds small fires
(b) He won't allow fires to be built in the fireplace
(c) He never builds a fire
(d) He builds enormous fires

7. What does Oliver blame for Steve's problems?
(a) Mountain blood
(b) Eliza's overprotection
(c) Tuberculosis
(d) His own drinking

8. In this chapter the positive influence of what woman is highlighted?
(a) Eliza
(b) Mrs. Selbourne
(c) Helen
(d) Mrs. Leonard

9. Who continues to emerge as a real inspiration to Eugene?
(a) Jennings Ward
(b) Mrs. Leonard
(c) Steve
(d) Eliza

10. How long does he attend the new school set up by the Leonards?
(a) 5 years
(b) 6 months
(c) 1 year
(d) 4 years

11. What is true about food in the Gant home?
(a) It was always abundant
(b) It was poorly prepared
(c) There was never enough
(d) The children were given very small amounts

12. In Part 1, Chapter 7 how old is Oliver Gant?
(a) 40
(b) 50
(c) 56
(d) 76

13. By the age of 15 what set of literary facts does Eugene know?
(a) All of Longfellow's poems
(b) The works of Charles Dickens
(c) Virtually every American novelist
(d) Virtually every English poet

14. Who brings Oliver a suitcase full of alcoholic beverages?
(a) Eugene
(b) Luke
(c) Helen
(d) Steve

15. What does Coker do?
(a) He is a lung specialist
(b) He is the local undertaker
(c) He is a stable owner
(d) He is a pharmacist

Short Answer Questions

1. Gilbert Guant changed his name to what?

2. What job does Luke have?

3. Who does Oliver marry?

4. What prompts Gant's rampage in this chapter?

5. What is the family's reaction when he returns?

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