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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of church does Eugene usually attend?
(a) Baptist
(b) Presbyterian
(c) Catholic
(d) Methodist

2. What would best describe Eliza's business interests?
(a) The roominghouse is not making money
(b) Eliza is doing well but her brother Will is not
(c) She is not a very good business person
(d) They are doing very well

3. How old is Eugene in chapter 22?
(a) 12
(b) 14
(c) 18
(d) 16

4. From time to time, where to Gant and Eugene go?
(a) The bar
(b) Church
(c) The stonecutter shop
(d) The movies

5. In this chapter where does Eugene's father take him?
(a) To the local food market
(b) Across the street from his shop for a soda
(c) To a local tavern
(d) To the World's Fair

6. What else has Eugene memorized?
(a) The peridoic table of chemicals
(b) Many English poems
(c) The Declaration of Independence
(d) Many French poems

7. What does Eugene get a lot of teasing for as a young boy?
(a) His stuttering
(b) His funny ears
(c) His long hair
(d) His long legs

8. Who do Eliza and Oliver partner with?
(a) Eliza's brother Will Pentland
(b) Oliver's brother Steve Gant
(c) Eliza's father Nathan Pentland
(d) Oliver's father Gilbert Gant

9. What characteristic do most of Ben's girlfriends have in common?
(a) They are several years younger than Ben
(b) They have been dating Eugene
(c) They are prostitutes
(d) They are several years older than Ben

10. Who does Ben fight in this chapter?
(a) Oliver
(b) Eugene
(c) Luke
(d) Steve

11. What event causes Eliza to go to run a boarding house?
(a) 1904 World's Fair
(b) The start of World War I
(c) 1904 World's Series
(d) The opening of the Empire State building

12. What job does Luke have?
(a) A paper route
(b) He sells produce
(c) He works with is father
(d) He sells magazines

13. How does Jennings tell Eugene to collect on some accounts?
(a) Use his fists
(b) Take it in trade
(c) Use a gun
(d) Get Ben to help him

14. At this point in the book, where is Ben working?
(a) He is not working
(b) The newspaper
(c) His father's shop
(d) Dixieland

15. What job does Eugene have?
(a) A paper route
(b) He sells produce
(c) He sells magazines
(d) He works with his father

Short Answer Questions

1. To what state did Oliver just travel?

2. Who does Gant rent a room to?

3. Who does Ben work for?

4. How would you characterize Eugene and school?

5. What best describes Eugene's attitude toward sports?

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