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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In this chapter where does Eugene's father take him?
(a) To the World's Fair
(b) To the local food market
(c) Across the street from his shop for a soda
(d) To a local tavern

2. Who is Horse Hines?
(a) A stonecutter
(b) The Presbyterian minister
(c) The local undertaker
(d) A stable owner

3. In Part 1, Chapter 7 how old is Oliver Gant?
(a) 76
(b) 50
(c) 56
(d) 40

4. Why does Ben want to go to Canada to join the war?
(a) He was born in Canada
(b) He is sick and the Army won't accept him
(c) The US is not yet in the War
(d) He is not old enough

5. Who does Gant rent a room to?
(a) A local prostitute
(b) Eugene
(c) Daisy
(d) A 49 year old widow

6. How would you characterize Eugene and school?
(a) He hates school and does not do well
(b) He loves school and does well, especially reading
(c) He loves school but doesn't do well, especially reading
(d) He hates school but does do well, especially math

7. Who dies of typhoid in this chapter?
(a) Grover
(b) Ben
(c) Helen
(d) Oliver

8. What job does Eugene have?
(a) He sells produce
(b) He works with his father
(c) He sells magazines
(d) A paper route

9. In Chapter 23 where does Eliza go?
(a) To Florida
(b) To the World's Fair
(c) To New Orleans
(d) To South Carolina

10. At this point in the book, where is Ben working?
(a) Dixieland
(b) He is not working
(c) The newspaper
(d) His father's shop

11. Ben gets a physical, what is the result?
(a) Ben doesn't get straight answers from the doctor is thinks he might not be well
(b) The doctor gives him a glowing report but discourages him from going to war
(c) The doctor gives him a glowing report and encourages him to go to war
(d) The doctor tells him he is gravely ill and shouldn't go anywhere

12. Who brings Oliver a suitcase full of alcoholic beverages?
(a) Helen
(b) Eugene
(c) Steve
(d) Luke

13. What does Oliver blame for Steve's problems?
(a) His own drinking
(b) Mountain blood
(c) Tuberculosis
(d) Eliza's overprotection

14. What social campaign does Gant join?
(a) Civil rights campaign
(b) Anti immigrant campaign
(c) Temperance campaign
(d) Liquor by the drink campaign

15. How would you describe Eugene as a student?
(a) He works very hard and picks things up very fast
(b) He is very slow but works hard to make good grades
(c) He is slow and doesn't work very hard
(d) He picks things up quick but is not very dedicated

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character travels with Eliza on most of her trips?

2. By the age of 15 what set of literary facts does Eugene know?

3. What does Eliza want from Oliver?

4. Steve returns in this chapter, where has he been?

5. What event causes Eliza to go to run a boarding house?

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