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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What caused the scar on Eugene's forehead?
(a) He was kicked by a horse
(b) He fell in a well
(c) He was hit by a gate handle
(d) He was hit in the head by his father's hammer

2. How long does he attend the new school set up by the Leonards?
(a) 6 months
(b) 1 year
(c) 5 years
(d) 4 years

3. Who is Horse Hines?
(a) A stonecutter
(b) The local undertaker
(c) A stable owner
(d) The Presbyterian minister

4. Where does Eugene live most of the time when he is attending the Leonards' school?
(a) The Leonards' home
(b) Dixieland
(c) In a dorm at the school
(d) His father's home

5. How would you discribe Oliver's relationship with Eugene?
(a) He loves him
(b) He doesn't really know him
(c) He will not speak to him
(d) He dislikes him

6. In Part 2, Chapter 18 where does Steve live?
(a) Dixieland
(b) Indiana
(c) New Orleans
(d) South Carolina

7. Who do Eliza and Oliver partner with?
(a) Oliver's father Gilbert Gant
(b) Eliza's brother Will Pentland
(c) Eliza's father Nathan Pentland
(d) Oliver's brother Steve Gant

8. What is Eugene's principal's name?
(a) Mr. Dalton
(b) Mr. Spaulding
(c) Mr. Leonard
(d) Mr. Graham

9. What event causes Eliza to go to run a boarding house?
(a) The start of World War I
(b) 1904 World's Fair
(c) 1904 World's Series
(d) The opening of the Empire State building

10. Who dies of typhoid in this chapter?
(a) Oliver
(b) Grover
(c) Ben
(d) Helen

11. What is true about food in the Gant home?
(a) It was always abundant
(b) There was never enough
(c) It was poorly prepared
(d) The children were given very small amounts

12. What do Eugene and George Graves do in this chapter?
(a) Take a trip to Daisy's house
(b) Slip out at night and forage for food
(c) Take a trip through town
(d) Take a trip to Steve's house

13. What is the name of Eliza's rooming house?
(a) Altamont
(b) Southland
(c) Tara
(d) Dixieland

14. Who is Eugene Gant?
(a) Another name for Steve Gant
(b) Oliver's brother
(c) Oliver and Eliza's youngest child
(d) Eliza's child by Oliver's brother

15. What happens to Eliza in 1900?
(a) She and Oliver's marriage collapses
(b) She gets pregnant again
(c) Steve, her oldest child, dies
(d) Her brother Will dies

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Daisy in this chapter?

2. What else has Eugene memorized?

3. What does Oliver threaten to do to Eliza?

4. What job does Eugene have?

5. What happens to Eugene's parents in this chapter (Part 1, Chapter 11)?

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