Look Homeward, Angel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Briefly describe Oliver Gant's experience in Sydney.

Oliver Gant moved to Sydney,and married a women several years his elder. He sets up a stonecutters shop. Within 18 months his wife has died, he has started to drink, and he loses his business. He decides to leave and travel about.

2. Gant moves to Altamont and meets Eliza Pentland, how does this change his life?

Gant had already settled in Altamont. Eliza Pentland loved his work, they started a relationship and were married. He built a large house just for Eliza and they began a family. He cannot break his drinking habits. They raise a large family and he has a successful business.

3. Briefly describe Gant's deteriorating family situation.

Gant and Eliza have a number of children, several of which die at an early age. Gant begins to drink more heavily and also begins visiting prostitutes. He becomes more and more verbally abusive and threatens physical abuse. Gant seems to be a loving husband and father at times but can not seem to control his most basic urges.

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