A Long and Happy Life Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the premise of A LONG AND HAPPY LIFE?

A LONG AND HAPPY LIFE is the story of Rosacoke Mustian, a young woman searching for love and a purpose for her life in rural North Carolina of the early-1960s.

2. How does A LONG AND HAPPY LIFE begin?

As the story begins, Rosacoke is riding on the back of Wesley Beaver's motorcycle; she is on her way to a funeral of a childhood playmate.

3. What does Wesley do while Rosacoke is at the funeral?

Choosing not to accompany her inside, Wesley sits under a tree outside the church and polishes the dust off his motorcycle. Rosacoke wonders why, after six years of dating, Wesley cannot even commit to sitting with her through a one-hour service.

4. What does Wesley do during the funeral that embarrasses Rosacoke?

When Wesley later roars off on the motorcycle in the middle of the funeral, Rosacoke is so embarrassed that she leaves early and begins the walk home without him.

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