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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pea Eye lose when he escapes in the night?

2. How does Blue Duck die?

3. Who does Call hire in Miles City?

4. Where does July finally see people after so many days?

5. What does Gus tell Call about the cattle drive?

Short Essay Questions

1. Deets tells Gus and Call that the tracks leading away from the fight with Wilbarger include Jake's horse. What does Gus say?

2. Why does Call tell the men not to leave, once they found a place for the ranch headquarters?

3. Why is Po Campo not as excited about reaching Ogallala as the rest of the crew?

4. What does Blue Duck tell Call?

5. What does Clara tell Gus about marriage?

6. Why does Newt decide not to shoot the Indians that approach him?

7. What does Clara tell July about Elmira?

8. What is one of the last things Gus does after Call arrives?

9. What does July do at the bar Elmira used to work at?

10. Why does July feel guilty?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The novel is full of tragedies, such as the deaths of Sean and Deets. Pick three tragedies in the novel and explain how the surviving characters cope. How are the tragedies similar? How are they different? Are they a result of choices or accident?

Essay Topic 2

Clara accuses Call of ruining his and Gus's life.

Part 1) Did Call ruin Gus's life? How or how not? Use examples from the novel to support your answer.

Part 2) Did Call ruin his own life? How or how not?

Part 3) Does Call ruin Clara's life? In what way? Does she blame Call for Gus's death?

Essay Topic 3

Gus thinks about the chain of events that Jake sets into motion by not facing the consequences of his accidental shooting in Arkansas. Pick three or four events from the novel. How are these events based on accident or circumstance? How might things have turned out differently if the events you chose did not happen, or happened differently? How are these accidents related to choices made by one or more characters? Use examples from the novel.

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