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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who brought Lorena to Lonesome Dove?
(a) Pea Eye
(b) Bolivar
(c) Tinkersley
(d) Gus

2. Where does Gus stop on the way to find a cook, tears on his cheeks?
(a) Clara's Orchard
(b) The Texas Capital Building
(c) Blue Duck's camp
(d) Buckhorn Saloon

3. Who is Lorena sitting with at the Dry Bean when Dish arrives?
(a) Gus and Deets
(b) Lippy and Jake
(c) Newt and Pea Eye
(d) Jasper and Xavier

4. What does Jake insist on if they are going to travel with the herd?
(a) They must make their own camp instead of camping with the cowboys.
(b) They must stop in San Antonio for gambling.
(c) She cannot offer her services to the cowboys.
(d) She must help cook the meals along the way.

5. Who decides to quit and return to Lonesome Dove?
(a) Dish
(b) Lippy
(c) Jim Rainey
(d) Bolivar

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of Blue Duck's men want to help Lorena?

2. What bothers Monkey John about Lorena?

3. Who helps Roscoe when he fears he will not even find Texas?

4. What does Lorena tell Jake about gambling?

5. Who goes back to Lonesome Dove with the first herd of horses?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gus understand about the constant talk of Sean's death?

2. How does Jake respond when Gus comes into Jake and Lorena's camp?

3. What upsets Call when Jake tells him his and Lorena's plans?

4. What does Deets warn Lorena?

5. Why does Jake call himself a fool?

6. What does Lorena ask Dish when he arrives at the Dry Bean? How does it make Dish feel?

7. What bothers Newt most about the crew's negative remarks about Jake?

8. What does Wilbarger want from Call? What does he offer?

9. How does Elmira feel about July? Why?

10. What does Jake tell Call about he and Lorena tagging along the herd?

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