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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pea Eye lose when he escapes in the night?
(a) His boots
(b) His pants
(c) His rifle
(d) All of the above

2. Clara says July is as useful as ______________.
(a) A badger
(b) A fence post
(c) A sheriff from Arkansas
(d) A horse

3. Who's horse's track does Deets tell Call about?
(a) July
(b) Blue Duck
(c) Wilbarger
(d) Jake

4. Where does Gus ride to get medical help?
(a) Billings
(b) Helena
(c) Missoula
(d) Miles City

5. Who finds Gus?
(a) Custer
(b) Deets
(c) Call
(d) Hugh

6. Who gets knocked unconscious by a soldier?
(a) Dish
(b) Ben
(c) Newt
(d) Call

7. What gets stolen from the ranch?
(a) Tools
(b) One hundred cattle
(c) Supplies
(d) Fifteen horses

8. Why does Dan kill the farmers?
(a) They owe him money.
(b) They killed his brother.
(c) He hates immigrants.
(d) He says he hates sodbusters.

9. What treat does Po Campo make the men after they return from town?
(a) Dewberry cobbler
(b) Fried grasshoppers
(c) Plover eggs
(d) Sourdough biscuits

10. What did July forget in Ogallala?
(a) His new clothes
(b) Elmira
(c) The mail
(d) Supplies for Clara

11. What does Gus tell July to do?
(a) Kill Blue Duck
(b) Go to Ogallala
(c) Go back to Fort Smith
(d) Go find his wife

12. What does Clara do to help July make up his mind?
(a) She sings to him.
(b) She writes a letter.
(c) She yells at him.
(d) She drops Martin in his lap.

13. Where does Dish plan to go after they finish the ranch building?
(a) Chicago
(b) Nebraska
(c) Denver
(d) Lonesome Dove

14. How far does Call travel to find water in Wyoming?
(a) Fifteen miles
(b) One hundred miles
(c) Eighty miles
(d) Twenty miles

15. Where does July finally see people after so many days?
(a) Clara's ranch
(b) The Republican River
(c) Ogallala
(d) The Hat Creek cattle drive

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Suggs brothers gang do to the farmer they meet?

2. What does Cholo call Dee to let Clara know who he is?

3. Where do Pea Eye and Gus go scouting, which is as far north as most of the men know?

4. What does Lorena fear about Gus?

5. What troubles Deets about the tracks he finds leading away from the fight with Wilbarger?

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