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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is wrong with Deets?
(a) He is in love with Lorena.
(b) He is troubled by the Indians.
(c) He is troubled by the lack of water.
(d) He is homesick.

2. Where do Pea Eye and Gus go scouting, which is as far north as most of the men know?
(a) Milk River
(b) Musselshell River
(c) Missouri River
(d) Yellowstone River

3. What does Gus do when they reach Ogallala?
(a) Help Call buy provisions
(b) Goes to the dry goods store and buy new clothes for himself and Lorena
(c) Visit the prostitutes in Ogallala
(d) Goes to Clara's without Lorena

4. Why does Dan kill the farmers?
(a) He hates immigrants.
(b) They killed his brother.
(c) They owe him money.
(d) He says he hates sodbusters.

5. Where does July live?
(a) In Clara's house
(b) In a tent
(c) Next to the saddle shed
(d) In Ogallala

6. What does Gus plant to do with Lorena when they get to Clara's?
(a) He plans to leave her in Ogallala.
(b) He plans for her to wait in the tent.
(c) He plans to introduce her properly.
(d) He plans to marry Lorena.

7. What is missing in Lonesome Dove when Call returns?
(a) The Hat Creek Cattle Company ranch
(b) The mercantile store
(c) The Raineys
(d) The Dry Bean

8. Who tells Newt and the boys to get drunk before seeing the prostitutes?
(a) Dish
(b) Lippy
(c) Gus
(d) Call

9. Where does Gus want to be buried?
(a) In Lonesome Dove
(b) At Call's new ranch
(c) At Clara's ranch
(d) At Clara's orchard in Texas

10. What does Call give the group of Indians that arrive, one of which he knew from before?
(a) Fifty head of cattle
(b) A pregnant cow so they can get milk later
(c) A lame horse
(d) A steer that will not make it anyway

11. Who arrives at Clara's ranch first?
(a) July Johnson
(b) Gus
(c) Martin
(d) Elmira, Big Zwey, and Luke

12. Why does July go back to Dodge City?
(a) To write another letter to Peach
(b) To get a job
(c) To find a doctor
(d) To buy another horse

13. Who helps ease Newt's mind about Jake?
(a) Call
(b) Dish
(c) Deets
(d) Gus

14. What do the Suggs brothers have a reputation for being around Fort Worth?
(a) Drunks
(b) Gamblers
(c) Murderers
(d) Horse thieves

15. What did July forget in Ogallala?
(a) Elmira
(b) Supplies for Clara
(c) His new clothes
(d) The mail

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does July finally see people after so many days?

2. Where does Dish plan to go after they finish the ranch building?

3. How far does Call travel to find water in Wyoming?

4. What troubles Deets about the tracks he finds leading away from the fight with Wilbarger?

5. Who do Call and Gus NOT bury?

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