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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is missing in Lonesome Dove when Call returns?
(a) The mercantile store
(b) The Hat Creek Cattle Company ranch
(c) The Raineys
(d) The Dry Bean

2. Where does Elmira want to go?
(a) Dodge City
(b) Montana
(c) Ogallala
(d) St. Louis

3. Who does Gus ask to watch Lorena while he goes to Wilbarger?
(a) Newt
(b) Soupy
(c) Dish
(d) Pea Eye

4. Why does Dan kill the farmers?
(a) He hates immigrants.
(b) They owe him money.
(c) He says he hates sodbusters.
(d) They killed his brother.

5. Who finds Gus?
(a) Call
(b) Deets
(c) Hugh
(d) Custer

6. Who dies in the thunderstorm?
(a) Bill Spettle
(b) Wilbarger
(c) O'Brien
(d) Newt

7. What does Gus tell Call about the cattle drive?
(a) They should go back to Lonesome Dove before more people die.
(b) He will ride with them as far as Nebraska.
(c) He is leaving with Lorena and will not help anymore.
(d) They should sell the cattle to Wilbarger.

8. What does the Suggs brothers gang do to the farmer they meet?
(a) Tie he and his family up and leave them for the animals
(b) Take what little money he has and destroy his sod house
(c) Kill him and his family
(d) Take his son as part of the gang

9. What does Gus tell Newt while Call carves the sign for Deets?
(a) That Call is stubborn
(b) That he wished he never left Lonesome Dove
(c) That he is Newt's father
(d) That Call is Newt's father

10. Where is Blue Duck?
(a) Santa Fe
(b) Santa Rosa
(c) Denver
(d) San Antonio

11. Why does Call go into Denver?
(a) He has run out of supplies.
(b) He wants to visit another Ranger.
(c) He needs a new horse.
(d) He remembers he has not contacted Wilbarger's brother.

12. What does Gus want to give to Lorena after he dies?
(a) His half of the cattle partnership
(b) His saddle
(c) The Hat Creek Cattle Company sign
(d) One hundred dollars

13. Who tells Newt and the boys to get drunk before seeing the prostitutes?
(a) Gus
(b) Call
(c) Lippy
(d) Dish

14. What does Jake give Newt?
(a) His gun
(b) His watch
(c) His horse
(d) His name

15. What river does the herd finally find after the sandstorm?
(a) Colorado
(b) Salt Creek
(c) Yellowstone
(d) Powder River

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Clara want?

2. Who stops Call from beating the soldier to death?

3. What is wrong with Deets?

4. Who is Gus surprised to see at Clara's?

5. What gets stolen from the ranch?

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