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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What bothers Monkey John about Lorena?
(a) Her hair is blonde.
(b) She is too skinny.
(c) She is a prostitute.
(d) She will not speak.

2. What was the name of the livestock business?
(a) The Hat Creek Cattle Company
(b) The Texas Rangers
(c) Lonesome Dove
(d) The Dry Bean Saloon

3. What unusual food does Po Campo make?
(a) Fried earthworms
(b) Roadrunner eggs
(c) Fried grasshoppers
(d) Honey-covered ants

4. Who returned during breakfast?
(a) Pea Eye and Newt
(b) Deets and Jake Spoon
(c) Dish Bogget and Lippy
(d) July Johnson and Roscoe

5. What river do Lorena and Jake reach before the herd?
(a) Nueces River
(b) Yellowstone River
(c) Mississippi River
(d) Red River

6. What does Blue Duck want his men to do?
(a) Steal some horses
(b) Kill Gus
(c) Leave him alone
(d) Kill some buffalo

7. Call's hiring spree has brought the Dry Bean more business than ever. However, what do Lippy and Xavier realize will happen?
(a) The railroad will come next.
(b) One "out of business" sporting woman is not enough for the cowboys.
(c) When the crew leaves for Montana, Lonesome Dove will become a ghost town.
(d) They will not have enough liquor for everyone without a trip to San Antonio.

8. The morning after the storm, who is missing?
(a) Newt
(b) Allen
(c) Gus
(d) Lippy

9. What does Roscoe suggest has happened to Elmira?
(a) She was taken by buffalo hunters.
(b) She followed July.
(c) She was taken by a bear.
(d) She left on a whiskey boat.

10. Which kind of customer does Lorena prefer?
(a) Younger cowboys
(b) Saloon owners
(c) Older cowboys
(d) Piano players

11. What wakes Newt from dozing when he was supposed to be watching Lorena?
(a) Lorena's screams
(b) Gunfire
(c) A cattle stampede
(d) Po Campo

12. Who rides up while Gus is bathing in the river in Lorena and Jake's camp?
(a) Jake
(b) Willie Montgomery
(c) Deets
(d) Blue Duck

13. Where does Elmira reluctantly agree to go with two of the whiskey traders?
(a) Fort Smith
(b) Ogallala
(c) St. Louis
(d) Fort Worth

14. Who ropes the second horse for the O'Brien brothers?
(a) Newt
(b) Call
(c) Deets
(d) Dish

15. What did Call give Newt in honor of his first trip to Mexico to round up livestock?
(a) A horse
(b) A watch
(c) A gun and holster
(d) The true story of his father

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Gus and Call go after finding a new wagon and mules?

2. Who does Roscoe pick up on the way to find July?

3. What causes Jake's thumb to get infected?

4. What are the O'Brien brothers doing when Deets sees them?

5. Who was Lorena with when Dish goes to see her?

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