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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many stragglers does Newt ride past in the dust?
(a) Eighteen hundred head
(b) Four thousand head
(c) Twenty-six hundred head
(d) Thirty-five head

2. Where does Jake tell Lorena she belongs?
(a) Gladewater
(b) San Antonio
(c) Lonesome Dove
(d) San Francisco

3. The morning after the storm, who is missing?
(a) Lippy
(b) Gus
(c) Newt
(d) Allen

4. Who was Lorena with when Dish goes to see her?
(a) Call
(b) Jake
(c) Gus
(d) Newt

5. What unusual food does Po Campo make?
(a) Fried grasshoppers
(b) Roadrunner eggs
(c) Fried earthworms
(d) Honey-covered ants

6. What is July's main concern about Elmira?
(a) That she used to be a prostitute
(b) That she is expecting a baby
(c) That she might be ill
(d) That she left

7. What does Gus realize when Jake comes into the camp?
(a) That Blue Duck killed Lorena
(b) That Jake has killed someone else
(c) That Jake lost all his money gambling
(d) That Blue Duck stole Lorena

8. What does Jake forget to do before the storm?
(a) Hobble the horses
(b) Set up camp
(c) Stay under the trees
(d) Get his jug

9. Where does Gus think Blue Duck is headed with Lorena?
(a) Ogallala
(b) San Francisco
(c) Adobe Walls
(d) The Valley of Tears

10. Where is Jake when Gus comes into the Dry Bean and finds Lorena alone?
(a) He is gambling in San Antonio.
(b) He is branding cattle at the ranch.
(c) He is upstairs sleeping.
(d) He is fishing with Xavier.

11. Where does Gus stop on the way to find a cook, tears on his cheeks?
(a) Clara's Orchard
(b) Buckhorn Saloon
(c) The Texas Capital Building
(d) Blue Duck's camp

12. What is the name of the rich Mexican bandit?
(a) Pedro
(b) Sean
(c) Chick
(d) Wilbarger

13. Why does the Hat Creek outfit not have any problems getting the horses from Pedro's camp?
(a) The Hat Creek boys are so quiet that no one notices them.
(b) Pedro's men are in Texas, stealing horses.
(c) Pedro's men have all been hung as horse thieves.
(d) Pedro's men are all asleep.

14. What does Call do every night, now that he has decided to go to Montana?
(a) He rounds up free Mexican cattle.
(b) He visits Maggie.
(c) He goes to the Dry Bean to get drunk.
(d) He sleeps peacefully on his feather bed.

15. What does Louisa want from Roscoe?
(a) To let her come with him
(b) To help her find her husband
(c) To marry her and help with the farm
(d) A child

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Deets looking for when he finds Lorena and Jake?

2. Knowing that Gus is right and Jake will not take Lorena to San Francisco, where does Jake plan to take her instead?

3. What does Jake think about doing with Lorena?

4. What does Gus warn Lorena that Jake will do?

5. Who does Lorena reject after meeting Jake, starting the rumors that she is out of business?

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