Lonesome Dove Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Captain Call was restless. What did he want to do?

The Hat Creek Cattle Company makes its living by rounding up free cattle in Mexico and selling them to cattle drivers. At the beginning of the novel, Captain Call, as one of the principal two partners of the company feels it is time to cross the border and round up some free cattle. He is thinking about even driving the cattle to the buyers himself instead of having the buyers come to him.

2. What did Jake Spoon talk about at breakfast that interested Call and Gus?

Jake has traveled extensively, and is especially impressed with the pristine environment in Montana. While the Indians remain a threat, Jake suggests that they could tame the Indians as they did in Texas. They could drive a herd of free cattle up to Montana and make a fortune. Gus is especially interested in the talk of the buffalo that still roam there.

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