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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Three: Chapters 84-86.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What assignment in the cattle drive goes to Deets?
(a) Scouting nightly bed and water for the herd
(b) The drags
(c) Right Point
(d) Back up

2. What does Lorena fear about Gus?
(a) That he thinks she is damaged goods
(b) That Blue Duck will come back to kill him
(c) That she'll lose him to Clara
(d) That he will go to Montana with the cattle drive

3. Who decides to quit and return to Lonesome Dove?
(a) Jim Rainey
(b) Bolivar
(c) Dish
(d) Lippy

4. What does Gus tell July to do?
(a) Go to Ogallala
(b) Go back to Fort Smith
(c) Go find his wife
(d) Kill Blue Duck

5. What does Janey do whenever Roscoe meets anyone on the trail?
(a) She talks to the strangers.
(b) She hides.
(c) She shoots her gun.
(d) She gets on his horse with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Roscoe when he fears he will not even find Texas?

2. What does Dan Suggs want from Wilbarger?

3. What does Gus do when they reach Ogallala?

4. Who rides up while Gus is bathing in the river in Lorena and Jake's camp?

5. How long has Gus been gone when he returns to Lorena?

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