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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: Chapters 72-74.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who sings a mournful ballad to the cattle?
(a) Newt
(b) Sean
(c) Soupy
(d) Needle

2. What does Lorena want Jake to do with the fifty dollars?
(a) Buy a train ticket to San Francisco
(b) Gamble and turn it into one hundred dollars
(c) Buy her a good horse
(d) Get her some new clothes

3. Who does Gus ask to watch Lorena while he goes to Wilbarger?
(a) Pea Eye
(b) Dish
(c) Newt
(d) Soupy

4. What did Call give Newt in honor of his first trip to Mexico to round up livestock?
(a) A watch
(b) A gun and holster
(c) The true story of his father
(d) A horse

5. Where does Gus stop on the way to find a cook, tears on his cheeks?
(a) Blue Duck's camp
(b) Clara's Orchard
(c) The Texas Capital Building
(d) Buckhorn Saloon

Short Answer Questions

1. What assignment in the cattle drive goes to Dish, the top hand?

2. Who does Roscoe pick up on the way to find July?

3. When the wagon mules bolt, who tries to head them off?

4. What does Call let the men do?

5. With whom does Newt bond, becoming fast friends?

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