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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2: Chapters 46-49.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What unusual food does Po Campo make?
(a) Roadrunner eggs
(b) Fried earthworms
(c) Fried grasshoppers
(d) Honey-covered ants

2. What was the name of Call's horse?
(a) Maggie
(b) Hell Bitch
(c) Mouse
(d) Bolivar

3. What does Roscoe suggest has happened to Elmira?
(a) She left on a whiskey boat.
(b) She was taken by a bear.
(c) She was taken by buffalo hunters.
(d) She followed July.

4. What river do Lorena and Jake reach before the herd?
(a) Mississippi River
(b) Nueces River
(c) Yellowstone River
(d) Red River

5. Where does Jake tell Lorena she belongs?
(a) San Francisco
(b) Gladewater
(c) Lonesome Dove
(d) San Antonio

Short Answer Questions

1. Which kind of customer does Lorena prefer?

2. Who did Jake Spoon kill?

3. Who insists that July follow Jake Spoon?

4. Who rides up while Gus is bathing in the river in Lorena and Jake's camp?

5. What does Jake insist on if they are going to travel with the herd?

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