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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapters 22-25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of the livestock business?
(a) Lonesome Dove
(b) The Dry Bean Saloon
(c) The Texas Rangers
(d) The Hat Creek Cattle Company

2. What does Jake do when Lorena tells him about Gus and the fifty-dollar poke she says she turned down?
(a) He cries.
(b) He takes the fifty dollars.
(c) He slaps her.
(d) He shoots Gus.

3. What does Xavier NOT offer Lorena to be with her and convince her not to go with Jake?
(a) To tell Gus
(b) To take her to Galveston, take a boat to California, and buy a restaurant
(c) To marry her
(d) All of the money in his pockets, nearly one hundred dollars

4. Who sings a mournful ballad to the cattle?
(a) Newt
(b) Needle
(c) Sean
(d) Soupy

5. What was the name of Call's horse?
(a) Bolivar
(b) Maggie
(c) Hell Bitch
(d) Mouse

Short Answer Questions

1. Who returned during breakfast?

2. Why does the Hat Creek outfit not have any problems getting the horses from Pedro's camp?

3. Who brought Lorena to Lonesome Dove?

4. Who was Lorena with when Dish goes to see her?

5. Where is Jake when Gus comes into the Dry Bean and finds Lorena alone?

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