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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: Chapters 62-65.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dish suggest to Jasper as they leave the Dry Bean together?
(a) He should go to San Antonio to get a job.
(b) He should hire on with the Hat Creek Cattle Company.
(c) He should kill Jake.
(d) He should find another sporting woman.

2. What assignment in the cattle drive goes to Deets?
(a) Right Point
(b) The drags
(c) Scouting nightly bed and water for the herd
(d) Back up

3. What does Janey do whenever Roscoe meets anyone on the trail?
(a) She gets on his horse with him.
(b) She hides.
(c) She shoots her gun.
(d) She talks to the strangers.

4. What does Janey offer to do when she tells Roscoe that bandits are about to ambush them?
(a) She offers to shoot them.
(b) She offers to run ahead and engage them, so Roscoe can surprise them.
(c) She suggests a short cut around them.
(d) She offers to cook them dinner.

5. What does Jake want to borrow from Call?
(a) A dress for Lorena
(b) A horse
(c) Ten dollars
(d) His hat

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dies in the thunderstorm?

2. What assignment in the cattle drive goes to Dish, the top hand?

3. Who does Jake hook up with in Fort Worth?

4. Which kind of customer does Lorena prefer?

5. What do the boys do differently to cross the Canadian?

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