Lonesome Dove Fun Activities

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Dress Up Day

Dress up in Old West costumes, either from the book or a historical figure.

Crossword Puzzle 1

Make a crossword puzzle using character names from the novel.

Crossword Puzzle 2

Make a crossword puzzle using place names from the novel.

Movie Poster

Create a poster to advertise the novel (like a movie poster).


Make a diorama of one setting in the novel.


Draw a "wanted" poster for Blue Duck.

Mini Series

Watch the mini-series made from the novel. In what ways is the novel better? In what ways is the mini series better?

Branding symbol

Draw a branding symbol for the Hat Creek Cattle Company.

Camp out

Plan a camp out to live like the cowboys did on the trail.


Imagine that Call took the time to carve a marker for Gus like he did for Deets. What would it say?

Board Game


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