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Essay Topic 1

Different characters approach the issue of responsibility differently. Two characters that especially take opposite approaches to responsibility are Jake Spoon and July Johnson.

Part 1) Compare and contrast July Johnson and Jake Spoon. In what ways are they similar? How are they different?

Part 2) How does July's approach to the law affect the story? How do Jake's choices regarding the law affect the story? Cite examples from the novel for each character's choice and the subsequent effect of those choices.

Part 3) How do Jake and July differ with regards to responsibility? How is July responsible? How is he irresponsible? How is Jake responsible? How is he irresponsible?

Essay Topic 2

Lorena gets stuck in Lonesome Dove and sees little options for her future other than becoming a prostitute. She sees her occupation as an accident of circumstances.

Part 1) How is Lorena a victim of circumstances? Provide examples from...

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