Lonesome Dove Character Descriptions

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Augustus McCrae

This is a spirited, fanciful character who would rather think and drink on the porch than do hard work.

Captain Woodrow F. Call

This character is a natural but stubborn leader and a driven hard worker with little sympathy for human weakness.

Newt Dobbs

This character is an inexperienced, but eager, young worker.

Pea Eye Parker

This character is reliable, loyal and devoted, but often makes the same mistakes over and over.

Joshua Deets

This dependable character wears an old cavalry cap and pants made from old quilts.

Dishwater Boggett

This young but experienced hand has a walrus mustache and is driven by love.

Jake Spoon

This character is a gambler and a rascal, preferring an easy life with a sporting woman, a feather bed, whiskey, and cards.

July Johnson

This character is the sheriff of Fort Smith.

Roscoe Brown

This forty-eight-year-old bachelor is the Deputy...

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