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Part 1: Chapters 1-3 | Part 1: Chapters 4-6

• The Hat Creek Cattle Company is introduced, comprised of Captain Call, Augustus (Gus) McCrae, Newt, Deets, Pea Eye, and Bolivar.

• Captain Call keeps the men busy, even when business is slow, except for Gus.

• Captain Call walks to the river each night, a habit from when he and Gus were Texas Rangers.

• Captain Call wants to cross some cattle.

• Gus wants to visit the Dry Bean Saloon to see Lorena, who reminds him of Clara.

• When Gus goes to the saloon, he plays cards with a cowhand he knows named Dishwater Bogget, Lorena, and Lippy, the saloon piano player.

• Dish is in love with Lorena.

• When Gus and Dish are leaving, Gus gives him money to buy Lorena's services and offers the Hat Creek Outfit porch for a place to stay the rest of the night.

• Dish accepts Captain Call's offer of...

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