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Sir Quentin's flat (Hallam Street)

This is where Fleur works and where the the group led by her employer holds its meetings.

Warrender Chase

This is the title of Fleur Talbot's first novel and its main character.

Fleur's room

This place personifies Fleur's literary priorities, as well as serving as a meeting place for Fleur and the other characters.

The English Rose

This "character-type" name is reinforced as the name of Beryl Tims' lipstick and Dottie's perfume.

Auld Lang Syne

The song is a signal between Fleur and her friends, particularly Dottie, to avoid waking the landlord; rather than knocking, they would sing outside the window and Fleur would let them in.

The Autobiographical Association

This is a group, led by Sir Quentin, of adults writing their memoirs, all of which will be locked up for seventy years before publication; the group eventually falls victim to Sir Quentin's...

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