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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


This lesson will explore the concept of narration in a novel. Muriel Spark wrote Loitering with Intent as if it were a memoir of the main character, Fleur Talbot. As the "writer" of the memoir, Fleur becomes the narrator, telling the reader of a particular series of events from her life. Everything that happens is seen from the narrator's point of view, which lends a distinct flavor to the story. This lesson allows the students to delve into how narration frames a story and how the story builds within that framework.


1) Class Discussion: Ask students to think about how the idea of "inner dialogue." Fleur Talbot is not only the main character, but the voice/narrator of the story as well. Discuss how Muriel Spark goes about bringing Fleur Talbot to life. Discuss her use of conversation and her descriptions of Fleur's thoughts - her...

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