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Essay Topic 1

Fleur creates a character type she calls the "English Rose." Discuss how her character types are like stereotypes, and perhaps more importantly, how they are different. How might these character types be helpful to writers, or how they might hinder the telling of a story?

Essay Topic 2

Women writers often question traditional female roles, and Mariel Spark is no exception. One in particular is the role of remaining subordinate to men while simultaneously taking care of them. How, in Loitering with Intent, does Spark question and discuss this female role?

Essay Topic 3

Fleur and Edwina develop a strong, albeit unlikely friendship. Compare and contrast these two women. Discuss their friendship and how they influence each other.

Essay Topic 4

What would you have done if you'd found yourself in Fleur's position at the Autobiographical Association? Would you have stayed on? Why or why not? Discuss the ethical...

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