Loitering with Intent Character Descriptions

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Fleur Talbot

This character makes the best of a position at the Autobiographical Association by making comical additions to the members' memoirs.

Sir Quentin

This character threatens to sue the main character's publisher for libel if he agrees to publish the book, claiming that the characters and events of the novel are based on the entire Autobiographical Association and they have portrayed them in an unflattering light.


Through this character, the main character learns much of the goings-on of the Autobiographical Association, as well as the effects of brainwashing on the members through this character's words and actions.

Lady Edwina

This character, while considered crazy by some, behaves quite well with the main character and is entirely capable of self-control.

Beryl Tims

This character is the housekeeper for the head of the Autobiographical Association.

Solly Mendelsohn

This character is clearly a very loyal friend to the main...

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