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Jennifer Weiner
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Short Answer Questions

1. What sign does Lia give Sam to show him how she feels?

2. Who is the first one to kiss Andrew when he arrives home from work?

3. What does Lia ask Sam when they get in the car?

4. What does Ayinde say to Richard after she finds out he has cheated on her and she has had time to calm down?

5. Who comes to visit Ayinde in "February Ayinde"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is symbolic about Lia mentioning that she wished she had her mother's blue coat when she is going to talk to Merrill?

2. In the chapter "February Lia," how is it shown that Lia is still in love and wants to reach out to Sam?

3. What is ironic about Kelly and Steve's fight?

4. One of the main themes of the book is forgiveness. How is that played out in "February Becky"?

5. How is Lia's final dream symbolic of her improved mental state and also a promise of things to come?

6. How does the need for communication show in "February Kelly"?

7. How does the fact that Julian is crying when Kelly and Lia arrive and the knowledge that Ayinde didn't know he was crying show the emotional turmoil that she is going through?

8. How does Becky crack the tough shell Mimi has built around her?

9. Lia calls her mother at the end of the "January Kelly" with the intent of asking her to meet her so she can forgive her and let her know it. How does Lia's mother turn the tables?

10. What is Kelly trying to do by not letting Steve help even when he offers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Lia flies to Philadelphia, she leaves Sam behind, even though they love each other. Why does Lia assume her presence is hurting Sam? Where does her sense of guilt come from and how does this complicate her guilt? Why does she finally reach out to Sam?

Essay Topic 2

How is Ayinde affected by learning of her son's heart murmur? How does this "hole in the heart" to Ayinde's son reflect the injury that Ayinde has sustained on an emotional level? What do Ayinde's son's prospects for health imply about Ayinde's health and the health of her friends?

Essay Topic 3

Both Ayinde and Kelly consider divorce at some point during the story. Ayinde thinks of a chapter from Baby Success that focuses on babies as the ones that really matter and that babies do better with a mommy and daddy under the same roof. Do you agree with this advice? Why / why not? Should Ayinde have patched things up with Richard? Why / why not? Do you think either Kelly or Ayinde should have followed through with a divorce? Why / why not?

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