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Jennifer Weiner
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Lia waiting on when she sees Merrill in the restaurant?

2. How does Becky feel about being pregnant again?

3. In "January Lia," Lia meets someone at Mas. Who does she meet?

4. When Becky comes to visit with Ayinde in "December Ayinde," what does she bring with her?

5. What do the friends make Lia promise to return for?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Becky's sense of humor shown in "October Becky"?

2. One of the main themes of the book is forgiveness. How is that played out in "February Becky"?

3. How does learning the truth about her childhood help Lia move toward reconciling with Sam?

4. In the chapter "February Lia," how is it shown that Lia is still in love and wants to reach out to Sam?

5. Lia sees that the babies are growing and changing and Becky remarks that they all have changed. How does this comment mimic the theme and title of the story?

6. How does the fact that Julian is crying when Kelly and Lia arrive and the knowledge that Ayinde didn't know he was crying show the emotional turmoil that she is going through?

7. How does the author begin to show suspense in "December Ayinde"?

8. Starting with "November Lia," tell how Lia is beginning to appear on the road to recovery.

9. Explain how the title of the story has a double meaning.

10. How does the need for communication show in "February Kelly"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both Ayinde and Kelly consider divorce at some point during the story. Ayinde thinks of a chapter from Baby Success that focuses on babies as the ones that really matter and that babies do better with a mommy and daddy under the same roof. Do you agree with this advice? Why / why not? Should Ayinde have patched things up with Richard? Why / why not? Do you think either Kelly or Ayinde should have followed through with a divorce? Why / why not?

Essay Topic 2

Three of the main characters all take a different approach to raising their children. Kelly takes the professional route and keeps track of everything on spreadsheets, Ayinde follows the book Baby Success, and Becky has a laid back approach. How do these particular strategies work out for them? If an approach does not seem to work out for them, what other approach do you think they should try and why? Does any one approach seem to work better than the others?

Essay Topic 3

Lia, Ayinde, Becky, and Kelly all have difficult relationships with their mothers and mothers-in-law. Think about how these relationships affect them and the bonds they develop with their babies. For example, Ayinde clearly wants to parent her children differently than the way she was raised, however, she also wants to live up to her mother's expectations by taking the book Baby Success seriously. How does Ayinde deal with balancing these two sides and will it affect Ayinde's relationship with Julian? How? Also, how do Ayinde's childhood memories affect the relationship with Julian?

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