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Jennifer Weiner
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Short Answer Questions

1. What one word would describe Kelly in "August Kelly"?

2. What does the early morning caller tell Becky and Andrew?

3. With whom does Ayinde go for a photo shoot?

4. What does Kelly do when Steve offers to watch the baby while she takes a nap?

5. How does Kelly determine that Oliver is hungry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Richard, Ayinde's husband, appear to be ready to go on another trip?

2. We learn Kelly wanted a normal childhood in May Kelly. What does Kelly consider a normal childhood?

3. In the chapter "July Ayinde," why is Richard unhappy in the middle of the night?

4. Jennifer Weiner paints a picture of motherhood in the opening scene of "August Becky." How is this picture humorous?

5. How does Lia's flight back to LA bring out the thought, "You can't go home again'?

6. Why does the director tell Ayinde that no one will tune in to watch her read the news?

7. How does the "smelly monstrosity of a couch that the neighbor was throwing away" give Kelly flashbacks of her childhood?

8. Ayinde is experiencing pain and suffering when first introduced in "April Ayinde". Usually Ayinde is one that appears to have it all. In what ways is Ayinde experiencing pain and suffering?

9. How does Weiner paint Mimi in the chapter "September Becky"?

10. "April Lia" opens with Lia sitting on a park bench wanting to be invisible. Why does Lia want to be invisible?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ayinde's life changes dramatically when she has her baby. One of the main ways it dramatically changes her life is it forces her to quit her career because of her husband's celebrity status. How does Ayinde's sense of self change after her marriage and the baby? Do you think Ayinde makes choices for her and her baby that she would have not made if she was still working? Why / why not? How is Ayinde's relationship with her husband and baby affected by her decision not to further pursue her career at this time?

Essay Topic 2

All four main characters are very different and have four very different lives with their husbands. Some women are forced to quit their jobs and stay at home with their children while the other women can go back to their careers. What are the similarities and differences among each of the four families?

Essay Topic 3

Depending upon the character, Little Earthquakes is written in the first person and third person. Lia's chapters are written in the first person, while the other three main characters--Kelly, Ayinde, and Becky--are written in the third person. What is Jennifer Weiner's reason for doing this?

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