Objects & Places from Little Earthquakes

Jennifer Weiner
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The Park

This place figures largely in the lives of the four friends. They walk with their babies while talking together of their struggles and problems.

A silver rattle

Lia slips this item into Becky's diaper bag while in the park.


The restaurant is owned by Becky and Sarah.


This restaurant is where Becky meets Sarah and Andrew.


This is the club where Lia and Sam met.

The Blue Coat

This was given to Lia by her mother and helps her feel safe.


This is a drug that is sometimes given to pregnant women to start or speed up their contractions.

La Goulue

This is a chic restaurant where Ayinde and Lolo go for lunch after a failed photo shoot.


This is a strong yet supple, lightweight, luxurious wrap made from a mix of cashmere and silk.


This is a skullcap worn...

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