Daily Lessons for Teaching Little Earthquakes

Jennifer Weiner
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Lesson 1 (from April Lia | April Becky)


April Lia | April Becky

The four main characters are introduced in the first two chapters. They all become friends, even though they are the four most unlikely to become friends. The students will explore the friendships that are developed between Becky, Lia, Kelly, and Ayinde,


1. Class discussion:

A. Where do the four main characters first meet?

B. How do these four women end up becoming friends?

C. Is trust established immediately between these women? How?

D. One of the other characteristics of friendship is being able to challenge. How does each of the characters challenge each other at the beginnings of their friendship?

2. Journal writing:

Students will write about the most important aspects of friendship that Kelly, Ayinde, Lia, and Becky will encounter.

3. Predictions:

Students will share predictions about what they believe will happen with these four women and their ability to stay in a...

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