Little Earthquakes Character Descriptions

Jennifer Weiner
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Lia (Lisa Urick) Frederick Lane

This character left Philadelphia at 18 to become an actress but is now back home after the devastating loss of an infant son.

Rebecca (Becky) Mara Rothstein-Rabinowitz

This character is an overweight chef and co-owner of a restaurant. .

Ayinde Towne

This character is the child of a famous black model and a successful businessman whom she never saw and was raised by the nanny.

Kelly Marie O'Hara Day

This "Barbie-like," cheerleader-type character grew up as the oldest of eight in a less-than-perfect childhood and now lives in a high rise apartment that is empty except for bedroom and nursery furniture.

Sarah Trujillo

This character is co-owner of a restaurant.

Mimi Breslow Levy Rabinowitz Anderson Klein

This character is moving from Texas to be closer to her son.

Andrew Rabinowitz

This handsome doctor can't - or won't - stand up to his mother.

Edith Rothstein

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