Little Earthquakes Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jennifer Weiner
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April Lia | April Becky

• Lia is sitting in the park people watching.

• Lia is remembering events in her life through the people watching.

• Becky receives a telephone call from her mother-in-law Mimi, but refuses to answer. Later her husband calls and is nervous because Becky has not spoken with Mimi.

• Becky heads to yoga class and meets Kelly and Ayinde.

April Ayinde | May Kelly

• Ayinde, nine months pregnant, does not want to stay at home with hired help

• Ayinde goes into labor and gives birth to a son, Julian.

• Everyone at the hospital gawks at Ayinde because she is married to someone famous.

• Becky and Kelly visit Ayinde at her home.

• Kelly is planning to start a family of her own.

May Lia | May Becky

• Lia, still sitting in the park watching the pregnant woman, is reminiscing about returning home to her childhood home.

• Becky who is pregnant...

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