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Cory Doctorow
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do two boys who are jamming help Marcus?
(a) They know him from school.
(b) They recognize his face.
(c) They had been arrested the day of the bombings also.
(d) He tells them he is M1k3y.

2. How does Marcus respond to what Ange says?
(a) He says Jolu is a good guy.
(b) He says he is not ready to spend the night.
(c) He says he loves her.
(d) He says he believes Darryl is alive also.

3. What does Mrs. Anderson believe about the Bill of Rights?
(a) It is the best thing for democracy there is.
(b) It should be stricken from the law books.
(c) It should be adjusted when needed.
(d) It should be adhered to more closely.

4. Why are Ange and Marcus upset with the news media?
(a) They have labeled Marcus and his group as thugs.
(b) They are accepting payments from the government to keep in business.
(c) They are only presenting one side of the story about the concert.
(d) They are not interested in exploring the civil rights violations.

5. Who is Mrs. Anderson?
(a) The widow of a soldier killed in Iraq.
(b) The teacher who takes over for Mrs. Galvez.
(c) The new assistant principal.
(d) A widow of a soldier killed in the terrorist attacks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Marcus smash the laptop that he uses to create the keys?

2. Who is Masha?

3. Why do Marcus and Ange open a portion of Xnet?

4. What does Charles get angry about in Mrs. Galvez's class?

5. What happens when Marcus starts to leave Ange's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What instructions does Dr Eeevil give Marcus?

2. Why are Ange and Marcus upset and what do they decide to do about it?

3. What does the note say that Jeb slips into Marcus' pocket?

4. Who is first to sign up for the key sign and what motto does she say to the crowd?

5. What happens to break up the concert?

6. Who catches Marcus before the real gas falls and how does she save him from Charles?

7. How do the party goers respond at first and what does Marcus and Jolu tell them to convince them to join the keysigning?

8. What do Marcus and Ange explain to Barbara and why can she related to what they say?

9. How is Marcus rescued by the California Highway Patrol?

10. What format do Marcus and Ange use to hold a "press" conference?

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