Little Brother Short Essay - Answer Key

Cory Doctorow
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1. Who calls Marcus to the office, and what message does he receive on his way there?

Fred Benson, one of the vice-principals of Cesar Chavez High School, calls senior Marcus Yallow, also known as W1n5t0n, to the office. On the way to the office, Marcus gets a message on his cell phone telling him there has been a new posting on Harajuku Fun Madness.

2. Describe the confrontation between Marcus and Benson.

Benson tries to get Marcus to admit to using the web handle of W1n5t0n. Marcus claims he is not familiar with the name, then tells Benson that if he has evidence this person has been hacking the school's security system, he should call the police. Benson tells Marcus to go back to class until the police are contacted. When Marcus says he can wait in the office until the police get there, Benson yells at Marcus to get out of his office.

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