Objects & Places from Little Brother

Cory Doctorow
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Cesar Chavez High

This is the high school in San Francisco's Mission district where Marcus attends school.

Gait Recognition Cameras

These were installed in Marcus' school about a year prior to the time of the novel.


These are laptop computers issued to every student.


This is an instant messaging system that Marcus uses to communicate with Darryl during class.

Harajuku Fun Madness

This is an alternate reality game that Marcus believes is the best game ever.


This is a radio frequency identification tag that allows librarians to check out a book or determine its location on the shelves by using a scanner.

The Tenderloin

This is a nasty part of San Francisco.

A Big, 16-Wheeler Truck

Marcus and his friends are held here and questioned before they are transferred to the jail on Treasure Island.

Department of Homeland Security

This is the organization by which...

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