Little Brother Fun Activities

Cory Doctorow
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Privacy Act

Write a new amendment to the U.S Constitution that addresses the privacy and high tech issues in "Little Brother".


Have students act out one scene of "Little Brother".


Design a blog for students to discuss their issues with the government or the school, both positive and negative.

Invent a High Tech Device

Come up with an idea for a new device that Marcus can use in his struggle against the DHS.

Protest Song

Write a song the crowd can sing at the open air, "trust no one over 25" concert.


Have a trial for Carrie Johnstone for her behavior on Treasure Island.

Letter Writing

Write a letter from Marcus to his father explaining why he feels the way he does about the DHS.

Magazine Reporter

Interview Marcus for "People Magazine".

Literature Review

Write a literature review for "Little Brother" to be published in...

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