Little Brother Character Descriptions

Cory Doctorow
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Marcus Yallow, aka W1n5t0n, aka M1k3y

He is the main character and narrator of the novel.


She is the girl who joins Marcus in his revolt against the DHS.

Woman with the Severe Haircut

It is with this woman that Marcus has the most interaction during his time at Treasure Island.

Jose-Luis Torrez

He works as a programmer at an Internet Service Provider called Pigspleen Net.

Darryl Glover

He has been a friend of Marcus since they were babies and has a crush on Val.

Frederick Benson

He is one of the vice principals at Cesar Chavez High.

Charles Walker

He has a reputation of telling on other students when he catches them in the act of wrongdoing.

Vanessa Pak

She is among those arrested on the day that Darryl disappears.


She is a girl who contacts Marcus wanting him to...

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