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Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. Bernstein refuses to talk to Mr. Shilling about Lisa Shilling's mental condition because...

2. As Lisa Shilling's mental condition continues to deteriorate, how do her classmates respond?

3. Betsy Goodman states that she is...

4. Which character's father is a minister?

5. Just after Brian Morris breaks up with her, Lisa Shilling begins to befriend which major character?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Betsy Goodman the youngest of the major protagonists?

2. Describe the chronology of the four main characters' friendships (in other words, who is friends with whom first).

3. Why is chapter one presented in italic type face?

4. Why do Mr. and Mrs. Shilling ignore their daughter's repeated assertions that she is mentally ill?

5. In what is Mr. Shilling primarily interested?

6. What kind of a job does Mr. Goodman do as an insurance salesman?

7. Describe the family situation of the four main characters.

8. What kind of a job does Rev. Fickett do as a church reverend?

9. Why does Lisa Shilling believe that she is suffering form mental illness?

10. Mental illness aside, how typical are the four main protagonists of the novel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Enumerate Lisa Shilling's major symptoms and discuss them within the context of the novel. Do any of Mary Nell's analysis efforts shed light on a potential diagnosis for Lisa? What do you think would be Lisa's diagnosis? Do you believe that having a specific diagnosis helps or hinders professional treatment?

Essay Topic 2

Of the four primary mothers in the novel--Mrs. Shilling, Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. Fickett, and Mrs. Frazer--who would you least like to have as a mother? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Which character causes the most harm to Lisa Shilling--Mr. Bernstein, Mr. Shilling, or Mrs. Shilling? Explain and defend your selection.

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