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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Elizabeth Frazer, Betsy Goodman, and Mary Nell Fickett's intense and initial conversation about diagnosing Lisa Shilling is interrupted when...
(a) Lisa knocks on the closet door from the inside.
(b) Elizabeth slaps Mary Nell.
(c) Mary Nell runs out of the room in tears.
(d) Lisa arrives at the schoolyard.

2. Which major character always eats fattening foods like mayonnaise but still has a slim figure?
(a) Mary Nell Fickett.
(b) Betsy Goodman.
(c) Elizabeth Frazer.
(d) Lisa Shilling.

3. Why did Lisa Shilling and Betsy Goodman look to Elizabeth Frazer for answers to Lisa's problems?
(a) They believe Elizabeth can contact spirits from beyond the grave.
(b) Because they both feel Elizabeth is the smartest person.
(c) Because they both knew Elizabeth previously had suffered from mental illness.
(d) Because Elizabeth has access to her father's library of books.

4. As Mary Nell Fickett becomes more self-educated about psychology, what irritating behavior does she start to exhibit?
(a) She develops a facial tic.
(b) She begins to diagnose everyone.
(c) She starts arguing with everyone all the time.
(d) She starts to speak with big words that nobody else understands.

5. During one group therapy session Lisa Shilling teases Mary Nell Fickett by making up a recurring dream. What is the dream that Lisa makes up?
(a) She dreams she was born in California.
(b) She dreams of Brian Morris dating Mary Nell.
(c) She dreams of many snakes crawling into a hole.
(d) She dreams she's married to Paul Newman.

6. When Mrs. Shilling arrived at the Goodman house just after Lisa Shilling's accident and saw a broken window, what was her first assumption?
(a) That Lisa broke the window playing baseball
(b) That Lisa pushed Betsy Goodman through the window.
(c) That someone pushed Lisa through the window..
(d) That Lisa accidentally fell through the window.

7. What happens on the first organized group therapy session including Lisa Shilling, Elizabeth Frazer, Mary Nell Fickett, and Betsy Goodman?
(a) Lisa denies she has a problem.
(b) Mary Nell cries when Lisa is mean to her.
(c) Nothing, because Lisa avoids the scheduled meeting.
(d) Elizabeth slaps Lisa.

8. After Lisa Shilling walks through a floor-to-ceiling window and is taken to the hospital, Mr. Goodman, Betsy Goodman, Mary Nell Fickett, and Elizabeth Frazer all attempt to convince Mrs. Shilling that Lisa's actions were a cry for help. How does Mrs. Shilling respond?
(a) She tells the girls they are making it all up.
(b) She thinks Betsy has tried to harm Lisa.
(c) She believes them.
(d) She thinks Lisa was pushed by Betsy.

9. Lisa Shilling tells her friends that she is always tired. Why is she always tired?
(a) Because she sneaks out at night to visit her boyfriend Brian Morris.
(b) Because her father makes her clean house for several hours every night.
(c) Because she likes to stay up late watching television.
(d) Because when she tries to sleep she hears many voices talking to her.

10. Mary Nell Fickett states Lisa Shilling's diagnosis is "'a paranoid or a schizophrenic, and maybe both together'" (p. 68). Elizabeth Frazer disagrees and states Lisa's diagnosis is...
(a) Nymphomania.
(b) Agoraphobic distemper.
(c) Psychotic personality.
(d) Anorexia nervosa.

11. Early in their developing friendship, Lisa Shillings makes Betsy Goodman promise that...
(a) Betsy will always be honest.
(b) Betsy will never speak to Elizabeth Frazer.
(c) Betsy will never write anything down.
(d) Betsy will never date Brian Morris.

12. Lisa Shilling disappears while she is at Betsy Goodman's house waiting for Mary Nell Fickett and Elizabeth Frazer to arrive. Where does Lisa go?
(a) She hides in a closet for a long time.
(b) She wanders into the street and is hit by a car.
(c) She goes home.
(d) She tries to drown herself in a river.

13. What does Elizabeth Frazer believe must happen before Mr. and Mrs. Shilling will obtain professional help for Lisa Shilling?
(a) Lisa will have to ask them for help.
(b) Lisa will have to attempt to murder her little sister.
(c) Lisa must have one of her serious episodes at home in front of them.
(d) Lisa will have to run away from home.

14. Lisa Shilling's little sister Tracy, twelve years old, believes something is wrong with Lisa. What symptoms does she disclose to Mary Nell Fickett?
(a) Lisa never talks and stares at things.
(b) Lisa speaks in gibberish all the time and cracks her knuckles a lot.
(c) Lisa will only wear yellow clothes and only eat yellow foods.
(d) Lisa spends most nights standing in the corner crying and most mornings eating cupcakes.

15. After Lisa Shilling attacks Elizabeth Frazer how does she [Lisa] behave?
(a) She falls into a sort of catatonic stupor.
(b) She runs around town telling everyone about her victory.
(c) She puts iodine and bandages on Elizabeth's wounds.
(d) She tells the police Elizabeth attacked her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mary Nell Fickett tell Betsy Goodman that she is furious with Elizabeth Frazer?

2. According to Mary Nell Fickett, why do teenagers like to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes?

3. During a barbecue near the end of the school year, Elizabeth Frazer deliberately provkes Lisa Shilling. Why does she do this?

4. When Mary Nell Fickett talks to her father about Lisa Shilling, how does her father respond?

5. Which major character has frequent visual and audible hallucinations?

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