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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One night right before the end of the school year Betsy Goodman, Elizabeth Frazer, Mary Nell Fickett, and Lisa Shilling are talking at the Goodman house. What happens right after Mr. Goodman walks into the room?
(a) Lisa attacks Elizabeth and tries to shove her into the fireplace.
(b) Lisa deliberately walks through a floor-to-ceiling window.
(c) Mary Nell announces her parents are getting divorced.
(d) Betsy invites her father to watch the movie Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! .

2. What does Elizabeth Frazer believe must happen before Mr. and Mrs. Shilling will obtain professional help for Lisa Shilling?
(a) Lisa must have one of her serious episodes at home in front of them.
(b) Lisa will have to ask them for help.
(c) Lisa will have to run away from home.
(d) Lisa will have to attempt to murder her little sister.

3. Lisa Shilling has her friends promise that they will do something if she becomes violent. What do they promise to do?
(a) To run away.
(b) To call the police.
(c) To capture the episode on video.
(d) To keep it secret.

4. Mr. Bernstein says he entirely can't act in Lisa Shilling's best interests because he must do what?
(a) Respect HIPAA privacy laws.
(b) Follow school district policy regarding mentally ill patients.
(c) Make sure he receives his retirement checks.
(d) Consider also the best interests of other students.

5. Betsy Goodman and Mary Nell Fickett try to diagnose Lisa Shilling by watching Elizabeth Taylor's performance in which movie?
(a) Cleopatra.
(b) Raintree Country.
(c) Three Faces of Eve.
(d) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

6. As Mary Nell Fickett's confidence sinks, what happens to Betsy Goodman?
(a) Betsy develops a crush on Elizabeth Frazer.
(b) Betsy's confidence sinks, too.
(c) Betsy loses interest in helping Lisa Shilling.
(d) Betsy's confidence increases.

7. During some group therapy sessions Mary Nell Fickett encourages Lisa Shilling to "free-associate" (p. 83). What does Mary Nell mean by this term?
(a) She wants to stop charging her patient for psychological services.
(b) To talk about international trade relations.
(c) To start talking about whatever comes to mind.
(d) She wants Lisa to start being friends with other people.

8. Rev. Fickett and Mr. Milne, a schoolteacher, talk to Mr. Shilling about Lisa Shilling's situation. Why is Mrs. Shilling not present for that conversation?
(a) She deliberately leaves the house to avoid the discussion.
(b) She was in the hospital recovering from surgery.
(c) The discussion was held at a men's club where women were not allowed.
(d) She was not invited.

9. Who eavesdrops on the conversation between Rev. Fickett, Mr. Milne, and Mr. Shilling when they discuss Lisa Shilling's mental illness?
(a) Lisa Shilling.
(b) Betsy Goodman.
(c) Elizabeth Frazer.
(d) Mary Nell Fickett.

10. According to the narrator, which major character seems to contribute the most meaningful comments during group therapy sessions?
(a) Mary Nell Fickett.
(b) Betsy Goodman.
(c) Elizabeth Frazer.
(d) Tracy Shilling.

11. When Mr. Bernstein eventually intervenes on Lisa Shilling's behalf, he meets with various school teachers but does not involve Principal Jackson. Why not?
(a) He claims Principal Jackson would simply transfer Lisa to another school.
(b) He believes Principal Jackson would expel Betsy Goodman.
(c) He thinks Principal Jackson wouldn't be interested.
(d) He knows that Principal Jackson has a secret criminal record.

12. What does Betsy Goodman conclude in the definition of madness?
(a) Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
(b) Being paranoid without a good reason.
(c) Doing just the opposite of what you wanted to do.
(d) A chemical imbalance in the brain.

13. What does Mary Nell Fickett do as she continues to participate in group therapy sessions with Lisa Shilling?
(a) She begins to use hallucinogenic drugs.
(b) She reads many books on mental illness.
(c) She secretly dates Brian Morris.
(d) She thinks that Lisa is faking her mental illness.

14. Of whom does Lisa Shilling say "'You are quite the most rotten, sneaky, conniving little person I've ever known'" (p. 73)?
(a) Betsy Goodman.
(b) Mary Nell Fickett.
(c) Elizabeth Frazer.
(d) Brian Morris.

15. Lisa Shilling disappears while she is at Betsy Goodman's house waiting for Mary Nell Fickett and Elizabeth Frazer to arrive. Where does Lisa go?
(a) She hides in a closet for a long time.
(b) She tries to drown herself in a river.
(c) She goes home.
(d) She wanders into the street and is hit by a car.

Short Answer Questions

1. During one group therapy session Lisa Shilling teases Mary Nell Fickett by making up a recurring dream. What is the dream that Lisa makes up?

2. Mr. Shilling meets with Rev. Fickett, Mr. Milne, and his daughter, and rejects their claim that Lisa Shilling is suffering from mental illness. What does Mr. Shilling do after the meeting ends?

3. Why does Mary Nell Fickett tell Betsy Goodman that she is furious with Elizabeth Frazer?

4. According to Mary Nell Fickett, why do teenagers like to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes?

5. After Lisa Shilling berates Mary Nell Fickett for quite some time, what does she do?

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